Kevin Julien has taught for many years. Subjects have included music theory, composition, music production, sound engineering and DJing.

He worked as a Music Teacher in a particular school in the UK known as a “Pupil Referral Unit,” which provided music instruction to young children who faced behavioral challenges. Kevin also taught music to children and adults with learning challenges and helped to care for them to make their lives as fulfilling as possible.

Kevin is currently teaching piano to young children and adults on a part-time basis in the U.S.A.

If you require help with your music please send a message to Kevin at: info@lhuamusic.com

"Kevin has definite leadership qualities that manifest in a calm, reassuring manner. His range of musical styles, tastes, and performance abilities is wonderful, as he has the ability to appreciate new and old ideas, never being judgmental. He is always eager to learn more and is extremely disciplined in all his pursuits of excellence."

Diana Cobb - Piano Virtuoso and Leader of Piano Fusion