DJ Kevin Julien

Kevin Julien has extensive experience as a DJ having been involved in the art since his childhood. In fact his lifelong interest in DJing and Music in general was sparked by Afrika Bambaataa & The Zulu Nation, DJ Red Alert, DJ Jazzy Jay and Lisa Lee in London where he had the opportunity to perform in their concerts as a breakdancer!

He developed his skills in DJing alongside music production while at high school.  Although music composition and production was his focus he was able to pick up the majority of the advanced DJ techniques ('Turntablism') such as beat mixing, beat juggling and scratching from collaborators and peers who were professional DJs themselves. In fact Kevin has always been around DJing in some form. Either through the playing of his own music by others or his connection to the art through his network,

He has been a DJ Teacher helping to pioneer courses in the UK, such as “DJing for Ladies,” where he helped develop a system for young girls to participate in a historically male-dominated endeavor. He has also been a DJ at many nightclubs and radio stations.

Kevin often receives requests to play for events due to his wide ranging musical experience which is broader than most DJs. If you would like Kevin to play at your event, please contact him at: