"The Song"

LHUA Music  will specialize in the release of original music both written and composed by Kevin Julien. 

The new music will span the breadth and the full depth of musical styles with the purpose of bringing the highest standards of song writing and composition to music lovers everywhere as once was the goal in previous times and appears to have been lost.

 We will be fearless in our pursuit of musical excellence; the subjects that we tackle and the styles of music that we make. 

We will not be limited by genre, styles or trends and often the music created will defy categorization and not easily fall into specific genres.

LHUA 'MAIN LABEL' (that is all releases that have only the LHUA sticker on them) will be committed to 'the art of the song'; creating originals that will stand the test of time.


"The Music Industry in the 2020s"

Developments in technology over the past few decades have resulted in the costs of making and releasing records to fall dramatically. It has led to the democratization of music and there are many benefits to this. However this seems to have coincided arguably with a fall in the quality and content of much of the new music we hear today.

Few (if any) of these new songs seem like they will be revered or endure like those of the past. This would probably result in very little of today's music being covered regularly and certainly not enough to become musical standards.

As of 2023 it is estimated that 100,000 tracks a day are uploaded to streaming services. With so much music out there it is becoming increasingly difficult for recording artists and musicians in general to earn a living from their work. There is a lot of pressure on artists to be able sustain their career. Invariably, with such challenges the quality of the music created can suffer or there may be a trade off between the art of music and the commerce of music.

With this in mind, it can be difficult for the listener to know where to begin with today's new music. But we say:

"Start here at LHUA Music, you will be glad that you heard us".


"Our Approach"

We remain an independent label in order to free ourselves of the constraints of the music industry model.

We retain full creative and financial freedom with ownership of all of our works so that our music cannot be compromised in any way. The pursuit of excellence cannot be achieved by way of compromise.

LHUA Music has so far covered the Covid Pandemic, racism, inequality, climate change, hunger, poverty, domestic violence, sex, money, honesty, dishonesty, politics, slavery, colonialism, the criminal justice system and policing, love, faith and life decisions. 

Has there been a record label or an artist that has covered such vast territory in less than 15 songs?

Many of these subjects are ignored and would not be permitted to be covered by artist on a major label.

We believe that if we meet our responsibility as musicians which we believe is to create music that is great, our work will find its place in the world.