LHUA Music  will specialize in the release of original music both written and composed by Kevin Julien. 

The new music will span the breadth and the full depth of musical styles with the purpose of bringing the highest standards of song writing and composition to music lovers everywhere as once was the goal in previous times and appears to have been lost. For the rest of 2020 the label will release new singles on a regular basis as the start  of our commitment to you; the listener. 

We will always put our music first vowing never to release any music that we do not believe in. We will be fearless in our pursuit of musical excellence; the subjects we tackle and the styles of music we make.  

LHUA 'MAIN LABEL' (that is all releases that have only the LHUA sticker on them) will be committed to 'the art of the song'.  These will be songs that we hope possess that enduring quality that will make you want to listen to it again and again regardless of the time it was made or how old it is. That the song be strong enough that you will want to sing it and learn to play it on your instrument (if you are a musician).

Main label releases will mostly be instrument played musical productions as opposed to computer created works.



1) Kevin Julien - Love Is Here to Stay

2) Kevin Julien - The Longer You Leave It The Harder It's Gonna Get