"The Song"

LHUA Music  will specialize in the release of original music both written and composed by Kevin Julien. 

The new music will span the breadth and the full depth of musical styles with the purpose of bringing the highest standards of song writing and composition to music lovers everywhere as once was the goal in previous times and appears to have been lost.

 We will be fearless in our pursuit of musical excellence; the subjects that we tackle and the styles of music that we make. 

We will not be limited by genre, styles or trends and often the music created will defy categorization and not easily fall into specific genres.

LHUA 'MAIN LABEL' (that is all releases that have only the LHUA sticker on them) will be committed to 'the art of the song'; creating originals that will stand the test of time.



Coming Soon

Kevin Julien

Love Is Here To Stay

On this song Julien explores the emotion(s) a person or couple feel(s) when they realize that love has truly arrived; the certainty of knowing that it is going to last forever even if it might have only just begun.

Kevin Julien

"The Longer You Leave It, The Harder It's Gonna Get". Written and composed by Kevin Julien, the song touches on the many issues the world faces including Climate Change, The Pandemic, inequality, racism, economic insecurity and hunger. These are problems that we already know the consequences of if there is a continued lack of action ("What's next, we already know the effects"...) The intersection of these challenges means that we now face a fight to survive as a species like never before.