The culmination of Kevin Julien's career has been the establishment of LHUA Music.

He believes he will create his most important work here.

LHUA Music is made up of a collections of imprints that specialize in different types of music.

It remains an independent label in order to have full creative and financial freedom so that its music cannot be compromised in any way.

The pursuit of excellence cannot be achieved by way of compromise.


LHUA stands for "Listen; Hear; Understand; Appreciate".

We believe that if a person listens to music, after some time they will hear what is happening.

Once a person begins to hear what is happening they will begin to understand.

When they start to understand, the ability to appreciate  the music that they are experiencing becomes possible.

We believe that this approach to music is applicable to many other aspects of life.

The word 'Music' in LHUA MUSIC stands for Musicians Using Special Information Creatively.

Some DJs such as the late Paul 'Trouble' Anderson used the term "Man Using Special Information Clearly".

We have adapted the phrase in keeping with our mission.